Sexual Harassment Lawsuit Loans

Settlement Advances for Plaintiffs Involved in Lawsuits For Being Sexually Harassed At Work
Sexual Harassment Lawsuit Loans

Hostile work environment sexual harassment and quid pro quo harassment are forms of employment discrimination and cost businesses hundreds of millions of dollars annually.

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Sexual Harassment In The Workplace

Sexual Harassment Attorneys

Sexual harassment is intimidation, workplace bullying or coercion of a sexual nature, including unwelcome or inappropriate sexual advances. It can include a range of behavior from seemingly mild and annoying to actual sexual abuse or sexual assault. Sexual harassment is a form of illegal workplace discrimination and is also a form of sexual and psychological abuse and workplace bullying.

In light of numerous multi-million dollar sexual harassment settlements, for many businesses, preventing sexual harassment and defending the company and its employees from sexual harassment charges has become a key component of their decision-making process.

Thousands of employees file lawsuits against their employers each year claiming they were sexually harassed. Many of these people may have lost their jobs and as a result, are now experiencing dire financial consequences as they try to wait patiently for their lawsuit to settle. However, mounting bills and the threat of financial disaster can make patience difficult or impossible. As one of America’s lawsuit funding leaders, TriMark Legal Funding LLC is ready to work with plaintiffs who are currently involved in, or who have recently settled their employment litigation.

Quid Pro Quo Sexual Harassment

Quid pro quo is Latin for “this for that”. In the workplace, quid pro quo harassment occurs when any type of job benefit is directly tied to an employee submitting to, or participating in, unwelcome sexual advances. For example, a supervisor promises an employee a raise if she will go out on a date with him, or tells an employee she will be fired if he or she doesn’t engage in sexual relations with him. Quid pro quo sexual harassment also occurs when an employee makes an evaluative decision, or provides or withholds professional opportunities based on another employee’s submission to verbal, nonverbal or physical conduct of a sexual nature.

Quid pro quo harassment is equally unlawful whether the victim refuses to submit to, or participate in, the proposed sexual activity and suffers the threatened harm or if the employee actually submits to it and thus avoids the threatened harm.

Sexual Harassment In The Workplace Cases Require EEOC Complaint

Employment Discrimination

Sexual harassment in the workplace is a form of employment discrimination and it’s illegal. If you have filed a sexual harassment lawsuit, you must have filed a claim with EEOC and be in possession of an EEOC “right to sue” letter.

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