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Accident Settlement Funding
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Fatal Auto Wreck

Car accident insurance settlements are most of the time the recourse available for plaintiffs or victims, thus, they should consult a lawyer.

These insurance companies can trick you well enough to accept a lower settlement value, thus, a lawyer will help you get a more reasonable compensation for the damaged done. Most of these insurance companies actually offer less than what the victims should receive. These offers may sound reasonable but in reality, they are not. These claims are really complicated than what you have thought, thus, you don't need to rush into a cash claim settlement, it is always better to take your time in order for you to get the right settlement.

Pre Settlement Funding & Post Settlement Funding on Motor Vehicle Accidents

Auto Accident Lawsuit Funding
ACCIDENT SETTLEMENTS Someone dies in America every 12 minutes in a fatal auto accident and someone is injured in a car wreck every 14 seconds.

Indeed, it is not easy to be involved in a car accident. More so, it is harder to go on with an auto accident settlement.

You will have to go through a lot of processes first before you may be successful in that settlement.

You should be equipped with enough knowledge about the car accident settlement process and should be professionally backed up by a good and competent lawyer that is an expert in the field of negotiating with insurance companies. You may find a lot of articles suggesting that you can actually settle this even without an attorney but it is best that you should consult any legal expert to prevent complications in your auto accident lawsuit.

How do car accident settlements begin?

This form of settlement actually starts right after the incident happened. According to statistics, there are more than 5 car accidents that happen every minute in the world. In the United States, statistics say that 95% of the car accident lawsuits are already settled before actually brought up to the court. This is primarily because of the reason that insurance companies will try to end the dispute as fast as they can. The main concept behind this is that most of the extrajudicial settlements have lower values as compared to those mandated by the jury when the case is brought up to the court for settlement. As you might have known by now, insurance companies will always protect their profits. So, you should know that they always protect the best assets of their company.

According to some legal experts that specialize in these car cases, a victim may be offered with a lump sum which is in fact lower than what he/she should receive. The victim may be asked to sign off medical claims as if it is part of the insurance terms and conditions. For your information, when you are facing car accident lawsuits, most lawyers warn their clients not to do this if not with the go signal of an attorney.

What will happen if the victim signs the agreement?

This document is actually a form of waiver. Thus signing it means that you are waiving your right to pursue your claim. So even if your injury is not that grave, never sign a waiver. It is necessary for you to have the right knowledge and guidance of a legal expert in negotiating auto accident settlements.


A lawsuit loan or lawsuit pre settlement funding can give plaintiffs the money they need now from their future lawsuit settlement that they can use immediately to get their lives back on track.

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A pre settlement lawsuit cash advance can also help balance tough negotiations by giving your personal injury attorney the extra time he may need to negotiate the settlement you really deserve. This is especially true if the defense lawyers are is using delay tactics to force a plaintiff into accepting a low ball offer.


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