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Motor Vehicle Accident Lawsuit Loan
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Medical Malpractice Medical Malpractice Suits
We fund on dozens of cases like hospital malpractice, orthopedic malpractice, ObGyn malpractice, failure to diagnose and more.
Wrongful Death Wrongful Death Law Suit
Law suit loans can help to eliminate your financial worries during a very difficult time.
Slip and Fall Slip and Fall Accidents
Legal loans can help ease your financial burden during your recovery. Slip and fall, trip and fall and construction accidents.
Fatal Car Accidents Bad Car Accidents
Lawsuit settlement loans are available on auto accidents & most other motor vehicle accidents.
Product Liability Product Liability
We can fund many cases like the Yaz lawsuit, DePuy hip recall and transvaginal mesh lawsuits.
Personal Injury Lawsuits Construction Accidents
We offer legal loans on most construction accidents where workers comp isn't involved.
Workers Compensation Workers Comp Loans
Workmans comp is notorious for taking a long time; let us help you.
Gavel Post Settlement Funding
Advances on cases that have already settled are available at reduced rates.


You ONLY repay if you win your case
No monthly payments required
No payment if your case doesn't settle
Approval process is FAST & EASY
Low rates: Best Deal Guarantee
No payment until your case settles
No up-front or out-of-pocket expenses
We don't interfere with case management
Bad credit doesn't matter
Your attorney does not co-sign

Important Facts About Legal Loans

  1. Bank loans are credit-based which means the borrower must have good credit to even qualify. For a litigation loans, plaintiff credit score is irrelevant and bad credit is a non-issue.
  2. Bank loans often charge up-front fees and in some cases, points and closing costs. Lawsuit advances from TLF do not have any up-front or out-of-pocket fees or costs.
  3. Bank loans require the borrower to meet specific income and employment requirements. Lawsuit cash advances do not have any income or employment requirements.
  4. Bank loans always include a legal obligation to repay the amount borrowed in addition to a pre-determined rate of interest, on a predetermined repayment schedule with a specific pre-determined payoff date and if you miss any payments the loan goes into default and you are assessed additional fees and penalty charges. A litigation funding requires no monthly payments and instead, simply gets paid off whenever the case settles along with any other liens on the case such as attorney fees, medical bills, case costs, etc.
  5. Bank loans require security or collateral, usually in the form of real estate, and include specific remedies in case of default - namely the forfeiture of the collateral placed as security. Legal loans require only a lien against a portion of your future lawsuit settlement proceeds - identical to the lien placed for the payment of medical bills, attorney fees, case costs, etc. Important Note: Lawsuit financing liens are ALWAYS subordinate to your attorney's lien for fees, case costs, etc.
  6. Bank loans MUST be paid back no matter what. A pre settlement loan ONLY gets repaid if you win your lawsuit or it settles successfully. Obviously we're not in the business of making advances where we know we're going to lose money, but if you lose or your case doesn't settle, you are under no obligation to repay the advance. It is this non-recourse feature, along with all the other flexible benefits, that ultimately make a lawsuit cash advance far superior to bank loans, home equity loans, personal loans, credit card advances, payday loans and many other types of full recourse loans.


Pre Settlement Loans
Powerful Financial Options for Plaintiffs Involved In Serious Personal Injury Lawsuits

Lawsuit Loans and Judge Bench
Lawsuit Loans and Judge Bench

What A Lawsuit Loan Is ... And Is Not

For starters, lawsuit loans, technically speaking, are not loans at all; ithey are non-recourse, outcome-contingent cash advances secured by the anticipated future proceeds of a pending lawsuit or legal claim. Lawsuit cash advance, lawsuit loans, pre settlement loans and legal loans are just a few of the more common names people use to describe non-recourse lawsuit funding.


A settlement loan is a non-recourse cash advance that can be for any amount up to about 10-15% of the anticipated net value of a future personal injury or other type of lawsuit settlement. Our "bread and butter" cases include bad car accidents with serious injuries, premises liability cases such as slip and fall accidents and serious dog bite lawsuits, medical malpractice lawsuits, recalled product liability cases with serious injuries like vaginal mesh lawsuits and Depuy hip lawsuits, workplace discrimination cases, workers comp settlements and, of course, wrongful death lawsuits.

People commonly refer to this type of funding by a lot of different names such as pre settlement loans, legal loans, litigation loans for lawsuits, lawsuit financing, litigation finance, or just settlement cash advances. Lawsuit loans can also refer to law firm financing, fee acceleration and attorney funding.

Regardless of what you call it, there are a number of important distinctions between a regular bank loan or home equity loan and a lawsuit settlement loan.

How Are Lawsuit Loans Different?

It's all just money so who cares what you call it, right?

Well, not exactly. Non-recourse lawsuit settlement loans, incorporate some very unique and powerful features and benefits that regular bank loans, personal loans, home equity loans and credit card cash advances are simply not able to compete with.

The most important requirements to qualify for pre settlement funding is that you must have been seriously injured due to someone else's negligence, you must be represented by a contingent fee attorney and you must be able to show strong liability against an insured defendant. That's because repayment is fully dependant upon the successful outcome of your lawsuit.

Thus, if you win your case, lawsuit loan companies get paid back. If you lose, they don't get paid anything. That's important from an investment standpoint because no company could stay in business by consistently losing their investment dollars on low-quality cases.

How Do Pre Settlement Loans Work?

TriMark Legal Funding LLC can provide plaintiffs with immediate cash on their serious personal injury lawsuit, often in as little as 1 to 2 business days. It's fast, free and easy to apply and with no credit checks, no income or employment requirements, no monthly payments and no up-front or out-of-pocket costs, our lawsuit settlement funding is 100% RISK-FREE for plaintiffs, PLUS you only repay the advance if you win your case. If you lose your case or your case doesn't settle, YOU OWE US NOTHING!

Litigation loans are an excellent financial option for individuals who have exhausted all other options. Lawsuit lending can be thought of as "financing of last resort". We maintain relationships with a wide variety of private and institutional lawsuit funding companies across the country. Each law suit loan provider has their own specific preferences with regard to the types of tort cases that they like to invest in. Intimate knowledge of those preferences, combined with our high volume, is why TriMark Legal Funding LLC can offer the most competitively priced cash advances in the business.

Legal loans can help you turn the tables on the defendant and give you enough money to hold out for the largest, most appropriate settlement your attorney can negotiate.

Fast, affordable and 100% risk-free; so what are you waiting for?

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