Lawsuit Funding

How The Lawsuit Funding Process Works

The actual mechanics of the lawsuit funding process are quite simple. Here’s how the whole process works and also, where the delays typically occur, so you can stay on top of them and get your money as quickly as possible:

1). Complete an application

  • (You should notify your attorney immediately after completing the application. Tell them you are working with TriMark Legal Funding LLC, that we are sending them an information request via email and / or fax and instruct them to send us the information we requested immediately.)

2). We send an information request to your attorney

Attorneys tend to respond to email requests faster than faxed requests, so be sure you provide both email and fax on the application or call us back with both as soon as you get them. Our request immediately upon receipt of your application, and we will continue sending the request, usually either daily or every other day, until documents are received from your attorney.

  • (This is ‘POTENTIAL DELAY #1′ because many attorneys either “back burner” our request or ignore it altogether. We recommend that you call and/or text your attorney AT LEAST once a day until they tell you that the information has been sent to us.)

3). Our underwriter reviews your case

The underwriter reviews all information received from your attorney. They will also make a list of questions for, or any additional documentation they need from, your attorney. They place a call to your attorney and after a brief conversation with your attorney, they decide to either approve or deny your funding request.

  • (This is ‘POTENTIAL DELAY #2′ because often, the underwriter must leave a message for your attorney. If your attorney does not return the call, the underwriter will a day and attempt to call your attorney again. We encourage you to stay in touch with our office to confirm that your funding request is not being held up due to your attorney not returning the underwriter’s phone call.)

4). Approval

After your case is approved, one of our processors will contact you and send you and your attorney the funding agreement for your notarized signature(s).

  • (This is ‘POTENTIAL DELAY #3′ because attorneys sometimes take their time signing and returning the agreement. Stay in close contact with your attorney and ask them to sign and return their page immediately.)

5). Funding

After receipt of the executed funding agreement and a legible copy of your driver’s license or state-issued ID, funds are either wired directly into your bank account or a check is sent via FedEx Overnight.