How Much Does Lawsuit Funding Cost?


Step 4: Rates and Fees

TriMark Legal Funding LLC works with nearly 100 different private and institutional investors to bring you the best prices for non-recourse settlement finance on over 300 different types of low, medium and high-risk cases plus settled cases, cases on eligibility/appeal, structured settlement annuity buyouts and litigation funding for attorneys so there is no such thing as a one-size-fits-all rate for everyone and every type of case.

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So How Much Will It Cost?

The short answer is “it depends”.

We offer a wide variety of rates and terms from monthly compounding, monthly non-compounding, quarterly compounding and bi-annual compounding to our lowest and most favored rate structure for pending serious injuries or wrongful death cases; bi-annual non-compounding.

Our range of rates go from 1% monthly non-compounding up to about 45%+
per year on higher risk cases.

The only way for us to guarantee an exact rate for your case is to apply now, let us evaluate your case and then we’ll put it in writing.

Best Deal Guarantee

Our rates are among the lowest in the entire legal funding industry. We want to earn your business up to do that, we guarantee that we will give you the fastest service and the best deal possible – no matter the size of your advance and regardless of the type of case you have.

Since 2003, TriMark Legal Funding LLC has been a leading provider of low-cost plaintiff cash advances because we “put out money where our mouth is”, so to speak, by offering this iron-clad guarantee:

Here’s The Deal:

If we approve your application for an advance and another lawsuit funding company sends you a written contract to advance the same amount at a lower total cost, show it to us and we will beat that deal or pay you $100 if we can’t.

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