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Lawyer Fee Acceleration
Attorney fee acceleration is a great option for lawyers who have already won their case or settled it, their fee is due and they are just waiting for their fee to arrive.
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One-time loans are available to individual attorneys or entire law firms for help with litigation costs, expert witness expenses, overhead & other case or business related expenses.

Harsh Realities: Contingent Fee Law
What's Really At Stake?

It only takes a couple of losses or bad decisions to cause an acute shortage of cash that can cripple your legal practice or worse, drive your law firm straight into the ground.

Law Firm Funding

It's a harsh lesson to learn, but being a good lawyer is not the only consideration when you manage a law firm, especially when you're taking on a defendant (or multiple defendants) with deep pockets; you've got to think about working capital to cover operational expenses too. Litigation frequently boils down to a war of attrition where victory is determined not so much by the merit of a case as it is by the financial resolve possessed by each side. Winners usually negotiate with the deck stacked in their favor.

A lot of legal practices have disappeared in the last few years because their bank financing evaporated right out from under them and they lacked sufficient liquid capital, financial reserves or a backup plan to stay in the fight. Don't let that happen to you and your practice.

Key to Success: Litigation Funding Is An Effective Cashflow Strategy
"Attorney Funding is the Best-Kept Secret of Successful Contingent-Fee Law Firms"


Think Strategically
(BEFORE It's Too Late)

It's no secret; operating a contingency-based law firm is a speculative, costly, high-risk proposition and having a solid, reliable, sustainable war-chest brimming with fresh working capital is essential to the long-term success of every attorney. Since strong, steady cashflow is the lifeblood of any practice, to survive long-term, you need to start thinking strategically about your cashflow and what you can do to make sure it stays steady and reliable.

"Intermittent, unpredictable cash flow, combined with any other factor like real-world dwindling credit lines or a slow economy can be all it takes to put an otherwise strong law firm on it's knees."

TriMark Legal Funding LLC offers several different litigation finance products designed specifically for plaintiff's attorneys to help you maintain a competitive edge and stay ahead in the cashflow game:

  1. Attorney Fee Acceleration:
    (Settled cases only) If your case has settled and you're waiting to receive your fee but you need your money now, attorney fee acceleration can help. We can buy all or almost any portion of your future fee(s) at a small discount. Acceleration of attorneys fees is fast, flexible and very affordable.
  2. Attorney Funding | Law Firm Loans:
    (Pending cases only) Depending on the amount requested, a one-time law firm loan or attorney loan utilizes some or all of your pending case inventory as collateral and as your cases settle, the loan balance is paid off.
  3. Law Firm Line of Credit:
    (Pending cases only) Also called an attorney line of credit or lawyer line of credit, this flexible LOC can be customized to suit your specific financial needs by using some or all of your pending case load as collateral. The line is available to cover new and existing cases and the outstanding line is reduced or paid off as your cases settle.

Maximize The Value of Your Fees By Leveraging Your Firm's Largest Asset

Lawyer Funding
Gambling With Your Cash Reserve Is Risky and Unwise

The 'Achilles Heel' of many legal practices, especially newer ones, is that they rely heavily (or completely) on the availability of bank loans or bank lines of credit for their working capital. The problem is that most banks and financial institutions are totally incapable of accepting or even understanding how to assess the latent value of a law firm's single largest asset; it's case load of future contingent attorney fees. To the contrary, most banks only understand and accept hard collateral like good credit, real estate and other high-value personal assets.

On the other hand, even if you could get bank financing, relying solely on a bank line of credit as your law firm's primary source of operational financing can be a surefire recipe for disaster - especially in a turbulent economy. Just ask any of the thousands of now-defunct law firms who learned the hard way over the last few years that relying on a bank line of credit without a backup plan is an exceptionally risky and potentially fatal way to run a law practice.

TriMark Legal Funding LLC offers a better, smarter, far less risky alternative. Our lawyer fee acceleration, attorney funding and litigation financing programs maximize the latent value of your contingent fee case load to provide all the working capital you and your law firm will ever need; with no personal guarantees.

Tapping your law firm's precious cash reserves can be just as dangerous. And the worst option of all? A personal loan secured with a personal guarantee and the personal assets of the firm's owners or partners; it just doesn't get much riskier than that.

Of course, the smartest, safest, most intelligent and most cost-effective way to finance attorneys or finance law firms is by using a firm's largest, most readily available and most renewable asset: the future legal fees of it's attorneys. The legal finance experts at TriMark Legal Funding LLC understand that kind of collateral perfectly and we've known for years that future lawsuit settlements and contingent lawyer fees make EXCELLENT collateral.

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