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Managing and financing litigation costs can be complex and risky. No more evident is this than when litigation costs arise from multiple cases at once, which of course is much more typical than not.

Litigation financing is fast, affordable and VERY discreet. TriMark Legal Funding LLC helps attorneys pay for case costs, litigation support, expert witness expenses, discovery costs, etc.

All good legal practices have a solid case load - all proceeding at various stages of litigation, and all accumulating litigation expenses for you to manage. This is when you need a litigation financing company like TriMark Legal Funding LLC . Our flexible legal loans and other funding solutions for financing litigation will allow you to free up your working capital while reducing your risk level.

This, in turn, will allow you to focus 100% of your attention and resources on your legal tactics and strategies for winning your cases.

A Powerful Show of Force
Litigation Loans Send a Loud, Clear Message

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Possessing the financial wherewithal to stay in cases until their lucrative conclusion can do a lot more for your legal practice than just delivering large settlements.

Larger settlements mean more money for your law firm and your clients; obviously. But winning difficult verdicts and large settlements doesn't just stuff your bank account.

They translate into credibility. And prestige. And reverence. They send a powerful, unmistakable message to friends and foe alike that your legal practice is a force to be reckoned with because it can deliver difficult wins. That builds a strong reputation for your law firm and it also sends a powerful message to your adversaries; BEWARE.

Everyone knows that when it comes to litigation, the last one standing wins. A law firm with unlimited financial resources has the staying power to remain in the fight for as long as it takes to win.

Litigation financing from TriMark Legal Funding LLC could be the key component that empowers you to build your law firm into a world-class legal practice.

Financing Litigation Costs the Smart, Affordable Way
Finance Expenses WITHOUT Depleting Your Firm's Precious Cash Reserves

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Litigation Financing for Attorneys

Successfully representing your clients requires 100% of your expertise, both before and during your trial. The high cost of litigation can be a distraction and potentially compromise your ability to be successful if you don’t have an uninterrupted supply of capital to pay for litigation expenses.

In fact, by using our litigation funding services, you have the potential of applying your expert legal strategies to even more cases. Optimize the success of your legal practice by borrowing the litigation costs. In this way, you will also reduce your financial risk while you are putting all your efforts into your litigation needs; all of your many case litigation needs. Do not access your firm’s cash reserves or your own funds. There is no need to deplete your cash flow or put your litigation needs at risk. TriMark Legal Funding LLC, by providing you with all the litigation financing you need, supports you to focus completely on your cases- and that is how you will be successful!

Eliminate Financial Stress With Litigation Cost Funding

TriMark Legal Funding LLC offers complete litigation expense funding because we want to eliminate financial stress and support the integrity of your legal expertise for the purpose of winning your cases. We know that the more you are free to concentrate on your litigation needs, the more you can demonstrate the power of your legal practice, the more cases you can litigate and the more successful you and your firm will be.  Hiring experts freely and without concern, satisfying your need for investigator fees and expensive testing or research fees and covering any cash outlays required for day-to-day expenses without any thought to your cash flow situation. Take advantage of TriMark Legal Funding LLC’s proven ability to fully finance litigation costs for you. All this simply by financing litigation  through TriMark Legal Funding.

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TriMark Legal Funding LLC understands the commitment and diligence that goes into your litigation work at all levels and through your many cases. For this reason obtaining litigation financing before and after settlement or a verdict allows you to proceed in the strongest possible manner. With the TriMark Legal Funding LLC’s full  suite of litigation financing services, just for attorneys, facilitates your expert litigation to be demonstrated while managing all of your case cost funding and disbursement funding needs. There is no reason for lawyers and law firms to shoulder the high cost of justice; no reason to put your firm or your cash reserves and assets at risk.

To ensure justice is supported with your maximum litigation talent, TriMark Legal Funding LLC offers both pre-settlement funding products for attorneys and especially targeted to litigation financing.

First, we offer you a product to help pay case costs; that of non-recourse pre-settlement, litigation funding. Typically, non-recourse attorney litigation financing is chosen as this does not require personal guarantees. All this and never extending your own capital for case disbursements and case costs. Second, full-recourse funding is available at TriMark Legal Funding LLC as well, providing you with another innovative option when managing loans with your assets.

No matter the type of litigation financing you prefer, it will be clear to you that our team not only recognizes, but respects the intensive capital and cash flow requirements when you are litigating for justice.  Traditional sources of third party financing cannot provide this combined understanding and respect. Like you, we understand the value of justice. This recognition increases our motivation to do our part to support your very important, but sometimes tricky fee-based legal practices.

At TriMark Legal Funding LLC, we then act on meeting your litigation financing costs with a range of affordable, comprehensive options for your litigation funding needs.