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Have a Lawsuit? Need Cash NOW?
Light at the end of a very long tunnel

Stressed Out Man TriMark Legal Funding LLC (TLF) is a leading provider of lawsuit funding and cash advances for plaintiffs who are expecting a cash settlement that resulted from a pending lawsuit, verdict, judgment or case on appeal.


With non recourse lawsuit funding (sometimes called pre settlement funding), you can get from $500 to $500,000 nationwide in as little as 24 hours (with your lawyer's cooperation) on hundreds of different types of personal injury lawsuits, appeals, employment litigation, workers comp; even commercial litigation and settled cases.


Choose TriMark Legal Funding LLC and you'll get fast processing, fast funding and world-class customer care and our rates are among the lowest in the lawsuit funding industry (backed by our Best Deal Guarantee). If that weren't enough, we're also 'A+' rated with the Better Business Bureau.


Our funding decisions are based on the merit of your case, so bad credit is irrelevant. Legal funding is available in almost all 50 states, and non recourse means you only have to repay the cash advance if you win your case. If you lose or your case doesn't settle, you keep the money and owe nothing!


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Legal Funding: Your Money, Today
Money right when you need it most

Broken Piggy BankDon't break that bank! The need for our legal funding service arises from the fact that the legal process is often slow and many plaintiffs simply can't afford to wait for a fair settlement because of undue financial pressure.


Since 2003, TriMark Legal Funding LLC has provided thousands of plaintiffs with tens of millions of dollars in financial relief while they continued to wait for their lawsuits to settle; all at some of the lowest rates in the business with no credit checks, no up-front fees and no monthly payments.


Best of all, lawsuit loans are your money, so use it however you see fit: catch up on bills, buy food, medicine and other necessities, pay for surgical procedures, replace a vehicle or pay emergency travel costs, stop a repossession, eviction or foreclosure or any other pressing needs you have.


After you complete an application, we'll request the case information we need directly from your attorney and once received, depending on case type, can have a decision in as quickly as 1 hour! After that we can wire the funds directly into your bank account or overnight you a check via FedEx.


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Why TriMark?
MUCH LOWER RATES: Rates start as low as 1% per month
BEST DEAL GUARANTEE: You won't get a better deal anywhere
FAST APPROVAL: 24 to 48 hours application-to-funding is common
ANY AMOUNT: $500 to $500K+
NO MONTHLY PAYMENTS: So you can get ahead -- not fall behind
NO CREDIT CHECK: Approval is based on the merit of your case only
NO HARD COLLATERAL: We don't file liens on vehicles, real estate or other property
NO PAYMENT UNTIL YOU WIN: It is repaid from your recovery
NO RISK: If you lose your case, you keep the money and owe nothing
NO EMPLOYMENT CHECK: Employed, unemployed -- it's OK


Personal Injury Lawsuit Funding
Emergency Cash; Fast and Affordable

Car Accident and Ambulance

Personal injury lawsuit funding covers an enormous variety of cases spanning everything from the mundane slip and fall to horrific vehicle accidents, catastrophic injuries and much more.

Plaintiffs can also sell structured settlement payments (settlement loans) on settled cases when they are in need of a large lump sum of cash.

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Commercial & Employment Lawsuit Loans
We Fund Where Other Companies Will Not

Money and People

TriMark Legal Funding LLC offers litigation funding on breach of contract and about 40 other types of commercial, corporate and business litigation.

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We also fund a full range of employment litigation including workers comp cases in about 23 states.

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Attorney Funding = Faster Attorney Fees
The Dollars & Sense of Law Firm Financing

Calculator, Glasses and Pen

It's no secret that running a contingency-based law firm is a costly, speculative, high-risk proposition for even the most seasoned personal injury attorneys and having consistent, predictable cash flow to keep your war-chest brimming with fresh capital is essential to the long-term success of every law firm. Our financing solutions let you focus on winning cases, not your firm's cash flow.

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Where other companies seemed to fail, TriMark Legal Funding LLC stood out; not only in providing the money we needed, but also in giving us a sense of relief knowing we'll be okay with what's still ahead of us. ~ Willie O

Important Notice:

The term "loan" or "loans" as used on this website describes a non-recourse cash advance; the purchase of a portion of a potential future settlement. It is NOT a loan. Unlike traditional loans, repayment of non-recourse cash advances is not required if the Plaintiff does not receive a monetary recovery. Repayment is required only if the Plaintiff receives a cash settlement award.